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CPM prides itself on working with industry-leading partners that specialize in supporting community association management.  While we are willing and able to work with any bank or legal counsel a board may choose, there are many benefits to working with industry leaders, including services provided free of charge, expertise that comes with years of experience in the field, and education and training for board members.

Alliance Association Bank

Most of the associations we manage use Alliance Association Bank, which is exclusively dedicated to providing banking services for condominium and homeowner associations.  

Kaman & Cusimano

Although CPM is willing and able to work with any attorney your board may choose, most of the associations we manage use Kaman and Cusimano (K&C) as their legal representatives.  

Village Management Software

CPM uses Village Management Software (VMS) to manage owner accounts, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and financial reporting. 

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